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"i was terrified, sherlock. i was scared to death."


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PS Tutorial- The Tool Bar by MelissaDalton

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every black crayon should be named void of existential anguish black

only reblogging this for the purple one omg



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( x )

wow you’re so gorgeous

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FLORAL GRILLZ - guy catling

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"Your hand, so warm”

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Oh, Benedict.

This will NEVER not be absolutely freaking H I L A R I O U S.

Never not reblog the neutron cream.

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School has started or will very soon so what would be better to do than to gather some great resources for a better school year?

  1. Evernote - keep your research at one place
  2. Khan Academy - over 4,200 educational videos
  3. Mathaway - helps you solve almost every math problem
  4. Cliffnotes - read and prep for school work
  5. Studious - great way to keep track of schedule
  6. iFormulas - references for mathematical formulas
  7. Pocket - save studies and articles much easier
  8. Science glossary - for those hard science words
  9. Studyblue - online flashcards for your next test
  10. Any.do - daily planner 
  11. Dropbox - don’t rely on your computer alone, make sure your notes and papers are safely uploaded online, just in case.
  12. Feed.ly  - gather all your fav websites for research or whatever in one place - I love this myself!
  13. Scribd - online library
  14. Self Control - we all know self control during work or school isn’t always around
  15. TED - lots of good presentation by interesting people
  16. Chegg - don’t have all the money for new text books? Chegg lets you rent many text books for much less than it costs to buy
  17. Duolingo - learning a new language? Then I’ll recommend this one
  18. Mint.com - make sure you’ve got your money straight 
  19. Alarmy - hard to get up in the morning? Well, this alarm makes you take a picture of your sink to turn it off!
  20. Sworkit - don’t forget that exercise will make it easier to concentrate! 

Don’t forget to look at my 27 websites for a new year - where you can find lots of other resources for health, fitness, school/work and div when starting a new year(school year too)

I’ve also got a post called 53 posts for students which contains nutrition and fitness posts especially for students!

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me:  *laughs*
parents:  what's so funny what's going on who are you talking to can i see what's the joke haha i bet that's great what are you trying to hide from us
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you only realise how bad the jokes on this site are until you actually say one out loud


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Source For more facts, Follow Ultrafacts

Who wouldn’t want to work at Google? The whole HQ looks like an amusement park with FREE food 24/7 & if an employee of Google dies, their spouse will receive half their pay for 10 years as well as stock benefits, and any children will receive $1000 a month till they turn 19. Source

let me tell you a story about the google headquarters

so my uncle works for google and I went down to visit him once and he took my family on a tour of the google headquarters just for fun. there was tons of cool stuff and art and a random jungle themed room and the most crazy ass 360 degree google earth screen thing you ever saw

but you’d kind of expect all that right

but then I started to notice something kind of weird

there was a weird amount of rubber ducks? like. a WEIRD amount of rubber ducks. like typical yellow ones and camo ones and huge pink ones with bows and tiny donalds and pirates of the carribean themed ducks and bejeweled ducks with no explanation on nearly every surface

so i asked my uncle why there were so many ducks and this is what he said:

"google has a suggestion box for employees to use, and one time this guy got hired at google who had previously worked for another company. the other company also had a suggestion box but they never actually listened to any of the suggestions, so the new employee assumed that google would be the same way. so as a joke, he put a suggestion in the box at he google hq that said something along the lines of "great office but needs more rubber ducks." a week later, 5000 rubber ducks arrived in the mail"

google read this guy’s bullshit suggestion about ducks

and actually listened to it


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I will not ask you for forgiveness. What I have done is unforgivable. I was so lost in hatred and revenge. I never dreamed that I could love you so much. You stole what was left of my heart. And now I’ve lost you forever.

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Study-Tip It’s easy to look around you and see everyone as smarter and better than you. That’s easy. It’s harder to accept that and still work at doing the best you can.
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